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Training in Working With Expansive Clients: Trans and Non-Binary Experiences 

Foundation Level One: Working with Expansive Clients: Trans and Non-Binary Experiences

Part of a series of three workshops on decolonising gender expansive therapy – see below for further details.

About the Workshop

This workshop is designed for mental health practitioners eager to enhance their practice with transgender, non-binary, and gender-expansive clients, as well as any practitioner working with gender in the therapy room - this means everyone!

Encompassing and moving beyond trans/gender 101, Foundation Level One is suitable for practitioners at any level of competence around trans/gender client work and provides the necessary foundation for continuing onto Level Two: Decolonising Gender (& sexuality & relationship diversity) and Level Three: Expansion in Practice. Level One is also suitable as a stand-alone training.

For this first workshop, time will be spent deepening and expanding our understanding of gender and exploring our own relationship to gender, with prompts, group work, experiential exercises, and discussion.

 We will begin with an exploration of the lived experiences of trans, non-binary, and gender-expansive clients in our current context. Including terminology, up-to-date information about trans lives and lived experiences, presenting issues in therapy (including dysphoria and incongruence), and current internationally accepted best practices.

Lastly, we will engage with case studies to develop our skills in practice and consider what we don’t yet know about supporting these marginalised groups.


Friday 19 April, 6-9pm - Saturday 20 April, 10-5pm

Friday 14 June, 6-9pm - Saturday 15 June, 10-5pm

Level two dates to launch in mid-2024. Please sign up for my newsletter over at for up-to-date news and information.

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